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San Diego Pool & Yard Remodeling

Pool & Yard Remodels

We can transform your tired pool or entire backyard into a show piece for less than you would expect.

Get the dream pool or yard you deserve. Let us help with the entire process from designing your project through completion.

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Pool Remodeling FAQ

Changing the look of your pool is as easy as changing its surface. This process takes only about 5 – 7 days and is less expensive than you think. There are lots of choices now available including plaster, pebble and quartz in a wide array of colors. Please give us a call and we can help you pick out a great finish that will last for years and fit your budget.

Re tiling your pool is as easy as 1 2 3. There is a stunning array of choices these days that include ceramic, glass and natural stone that can achieve almost any look you like. Re-tiling your pool can be completed in as little as 5 – 7 days. Please give us a call so we can show you all the possibilities and help you select a style that will compliment your pool and meet your budget.

Is your current coping tired, old or cracked? In most instances, it can be replaced with a number of beautiful choices in many different colors. New coping can really change the look of a pool. Individual coping pieces can also be replaced, repaired or re set to make their appearance look much nicer. Please give us a call so we can help show you the possibilities.

Do you already have an in ground pool but wish you could add a spa? No problem ! We can add a spa to your existing pool and make it look like it was always there to begin with for less than you would expect. We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities, so give us a call.

Adding a slide or the kids or a custom water feature to your pool is easier than you think. Slides can be made to look like rock formations and contain waterfalls or water walls. Custom water features can be added to complete the special look of your pool which include water falls, water walls, water jets, and bubbling fountains.

Yard Remodeling FAQ

If you build it, they will come! Fire pits are the ultimate for family fun and entertaining after dark. They are almost like a magnet when the sun goes down. If you are planning to spend time in your back yard a fire pit is an easy choice. They can be built in almost any shape and connected to the natural gas so it’s always ready when your are.

Having a custom built-in BBQ is really nice. It will make a grill master out of most anyone. I personally use ours at least twice a week. It’s great for cooking dinner out doors and great for entertaining friends. There are also additional neat features you can incorporate such drawers and cabinets for storage, a refrigerator, a sink, cutting board, bar, a tender station, Keg Tap and low voltage lights.

One of the most wonderful luxury items in your back yard has to be a wood fired pizza oven. This is a great item for family and friends.   Each person makes their own pizza and we cook them one at a time in the oven. Comes out perfectly crispy and delicious. Don’t overlook the fun this item can create.

Water features can add drama and style to your yard. They can be as dramatic as a raging waterfall or as gentle as a trickling brook. Underwater lighting can be added as well as fire features that can make them a focal point. They can be made in almost any shape or style with a wide variety of finishes.

Low voltage lighting is easy to install and can set a dramatic effect for a relatively small amount of money these days. They come with LED bulbs that make them last a very long time and there are even color changing lights that can change with along with the color changing lights in your pool.

Did you know installing pavers only cost about 10% more than standard grey concrete? Pavers last almost indefinitely and are much less resistant to fading than concrete. They provide a warm and upgraded look. You can remove and replace your concrete patio, sidewalk or driveway with pavers for way less than you think.

Block walls can be used for sitting, retaining dirt, on property boundaries and for building planting areas. They can be straight or a custom shape and are relatively inexpensive to build. They also last much longer than a wooden or metal fence.   As an added bonus they can be finished with stucco or stone veneer and topped with many different types of caps

If your sprinkler system still has spray heads, it’s time to think about converting to drip and conserve water. Your existing system can be converted with very little trouble at a reasonable cost.

Do your plants look old and tired? Transform the look of your yard with new colorful plants and Bark Mulch. The difference can be night and day. Have your yard greet you with style and color every time you come home.

Everyone will be hanging out under the Pergola. A pergola can be free standing or an attached cover that can either be partial or completely solid to keep out varying degrees of the sun and rain. They often become the focal point in a yard and can incorporate climbing plants, ceiling fans, TV’s, low voltage lights and other features. Pergolas can be relatively simple or very substantial and detailed.

Flagstone, rock and stone can be used in many ways. They can be used as a patio or applied to a wall, column, BBQ or Water Feature to enhance it. The additional of these materials make the feature look much “richer” and they tend to last for a very long time. Natural materials can be used and faux materials are now available that are mostly constructed from concrete that are less expensive but give a very similar look.