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We have over 35 years of combined experience repairing pools & spas. Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair the problem quickly.

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Auto fill devices automatically monitor and add water to your pool. We can repair an existing one or add one to your existing pool.

Easily control all the functions of your pool from a mobile phone application, a wireless controller or from a wall mounted console. We can troubleshoot, repair or install a new control system for your pool.

Existing coping can develop cracks, lose grout or shift in place. Most times we can repair your coping at minimal cost or we can replace it with a new upgrade.

Deck O Seal (or condition) is the seal between your pool deck and pool structure. Keeping this feature in good repair can help avoid very expensive repairs caused by water intrusion and soil erosion between the pool deck and pool structure. The seal can easily be removed and replaced in less than 1 day

Electrical is what powers and makes all your equipment run properly. If you have a pool light out or a feature that is not functioning properly, we can safely troubleshoot and repair it for you

Got a green pool? We can turn that water from green to clean in just a few days … and without draining the pool.

Your pool filter is one of the most important pieces of pool equipment. It cleans your water and helps make it safe for swimming. Filters should be cleaned and inspected at least twice per year and kept in good repair.

If your heater is not working properly … we can fix it. A working heater can make the difference between enjoying or avoiding your pool/spa in the winter.

If your pool is leaking it can cost hundreds of dollars in wasted water and thousands of dollars in damage to your pool. We specialize in leak detection and repair of pool, spas & fountains. Please see our entire page devoted to this subject. Pool Leak Page

There have been some really cool advances in color LED pool lighting. These new color changing lights can really transform your pool into something special after dark. Whether you have color or white lights, LED or incandescent, we can troubleshoot and repair them if they aren’t working.

Pool plumbing (PVC or copper) can occasionally develop leaks or get clogged. We can quickly fix the leak or unclog the line if this happens.

There have been some really exciting developments in pool pumps over the last 7 – 8 years. Variable Speed Pumps use so much less electricity that they will actually pay for themselves and in many cases save an additional $5,000 or more in electrical costs over their useful life (this is not a typo). Even if there is nothing wrong with your current pump … this makes installing a Variable Speed Pump a “no brainer”. Currently, SDGE is also offering a $200 rebate to the customer for installing one of these pumps. Call us if you would like an evaluation of your specific possible energy savings.

Rust spots can appear on the pool surface due to water reaching a metal object below the pool surface (typically rebar). These stains can be removed or repaired and restore the beauty of your pool..

Did you know your pool can easily be converted to a salt pool in 1 day? Enjoy the softness of the water and reduce any chlorine odor. We can also troubleshoot, clean or repair your current salt system

If you have a failed or cracked skimmer, we can replace it for you. We can also convert your old style concrete skimmer to the new style PVC one.

Is your tile cracked, starting to fall off or just old? Are there unsightly calcium stains all over your tile? We can remove those stains, repair tile areas or replace your tile and make your pool look new again. We have close to a hundred different tile choices and most repairs or replacements can be done without draining the pool.

If your plaster is stained, cracked or weathered we can help. Many plaster stains can be removed or repaired without having to replace it all. Most times we can make the appearance of the plaster look much better in just a day or so. In the event your plaster is beyond repair, we can resurface your pool with new plaster, quartz or pebble finishes.

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