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Pool Leak Detection San Diego

Pool & Spa Leak Detection

We specialize in pool, spa and water feature leak detection and Bucket Testrepair in San Diego. We can find and fix your leak fast!
Please give us a call for some friendly advice. We service all of San Diego County.


Pool Leak Detection San Diego

Does Your Pool Look Like This?

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Call us of course for some free and friendly advice (858-566-2700). You should also perform a “Bucket Test”. You can do this test yourself for free and it will conclusively tell you if you have a pool leak in only 24 hours. It doesn’t take any special skills, will only take 15 minutes of your time and can be done with a few common household items. You could also ask your pool man to do the test for you.

Please click the link below for the easy steps of the bucket test. This form is a pdf and you can easily print out the form so you can follow the procedure. In 24 hours you will know for sure if you have a leak. If you have problems downloading the form or understanding the directions, you can call the office at 858-566-2700 and we can talk you through it or email you the form. “Get The Bucket Test”

Before spending your hard earned money hiring a leak detection company, you will want to know for sure that you have a leak. The bucket test will definitively tell you if you have a leak within 24 hours and also eliminates the effects of evaporation.

Many factors effect evaporation rates. However, generally speaking you should not lose more than ½ inch per week due to evaporation. If you are losing more water than that, we recommend you complete a “Bucket Test” to determine if you have a leak.

  1. Constant low water level in your pool.
  2. You add more than ½ inch of water to your pool per week.
  3. Your water bill goes up dramatically without explanation.
  4. Your hear your automatic pool fill device constantly running.
  5. Your pool deck has a wet area that never goes away.
  6. There are a lot of bubbles coming out of the pool return line.
  7. You can’t keep Chlorine, Conditioner or Salt in the pool.
  8. There are visible cracks in the pool or skimmer.
  9. You have continual algae problems.
  10. The area around the pool equipment is always wet.

We specialize in pool leak detection and we have years of experience and each truck we send out carries over $10,000 of equipment designed specifically to find leaks in pools and spas. Unfortunately, many other pool professionals claim to do leak detection, but very few have the experience or will invest the money required to purchase the advanced equipment to get the job done right.

The most important tool we have is our experience. We use specialized pipe plugs, water & air pressure induction gear, underwater video cameras, electronic leak detection directional indicators, underwater video inspection cameras, specialized leak detection dye, ultra-sensitive sub-surface microphones and underwater unidirectional and directional hydrophones.

Yes. After finding the leak we will be happy to provide a separate quote to repair it.

No. You are free to hire us to repair the leak, hire another company to repair it, or repair it yourself.